PetroChina is to up biodfuels output and grow feestocks in China

PetroChina is to up biofuels output and grow feestocks in China in an agreement with China’s State Forestry Administration to with a 2010 deadline.

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My friend  Keith Tan Liming says

The project will span an area of more than 6m acres (24,281 square kilometres) by 2010, it added.

PetroChina will also expand its ethanol capacity to over 2m tonnes/year, or more than 40% of the country’s output, using non-grain feedstock, it said.

It looks to me like they’ll be using plants like Sorghum and cassava. The announced increase is possibly part of the Chinese National Development and Reform Commissions’s plan to increase China’s own biofuel production to 300m tonne/year. This could put greater stress on the country’s water resources. Much of these are polluted.

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