State of the Union: slow burn, big bang

Getting ideas to come takes a good night’s sleep (or possibly two) and a series of slightly-off topic conversations is the way I like to reach an opinion, and I’ve come to a position on ethanol and Bush’s State of the Union.

It looks to me like there:

ARE NOT enough rail tank cars, to take the ethanol to market and they won’t be built in time;

IS NOT enough nitrogen fertilizer in the US at the moment, so imports are going  to have to rise, unless methane from biomass can compete with monster natural gas fed plants outside the US (ho ho ho, no really that’s what they’re looking at) ;

IS NOT enough real pressure to reduce automotive fuel consumption in the US.

IS NO political will to force US farmers (or European farmers for that matter) compete without a tariff barrier with farmers in the rest of the world for ethanol.

IS NO thought about the effects of diverting corn into ethanol and away from food.

IS TOO MUCH reliance on Second generation ethanol riding to the rescue before the crunch between food and fuel comes in.


But apart from that as far as Bush went on ethanol, I thought his Sate of the Union was pretty good.

Given that reality, political will and the US’ belief that it can have its ethanol and eat it, it is perhaps not suprising that Washington State legislature is trying to out Bush Bush. Hat tip to Radioactive Communist Zombies.

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