Broin to use DuPont technology in Iowa’s first cellulosic ethanol plant

Broin is to use licensed DuPont technology in a cellulosic ethanol plant in Iowa in four to six years, according to Delaware online. 

Broin’s cellulosic ethanol facility will be built adjacent to an existing ethanol plant in Emmetsburg. About 25 million gallons of cellulosic ethanol will be produced at the new site each year. The rest of the plant will produce about 120 million gallons of ethanol from grain.

DuPont‘s Biofuels vice president, John Ranieri told the Piper Jaffray Alternative Energy Symposium recently that DuPont is following a three pronged biofuels strategy:

1. improving existing ethanol production through differentiated agricultural seed products and crop protection chemicals;

2.  developing and supplying new technologies to allow conversion of cellulose to biofuels; 

3.  developing and supplying next generation biofuels with improved performance

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