Biofuels for Oil Addicts

The Institute of Science in Society has a pretty long article on why biofuels may be a worse cure than the addiction our society has to oil.

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  1. Mark C R UK 10 March, 2007 at 9:15 pm #

    I’ve read it. It’s a out of date already – written 12 months ago!

    They quote David Pimentel’s work at Cornell.

    That dates back 6 years!!!

    Even so with the developments (I’ve posted elsewhere on here) – from DuPont…

    … mean that biofuels are looking postive.

    I find it funny how the science is now moving on so that the biofuels cynics are out of date!

    I also have to question some of the detractors – since some of the criticisms are based on an industry that is not yet fully developed technologically. Until it is – they have no real basis for some of the arguments.

    Just look at the impact of cellulosic-biofuels on the net energy balance… it’s a quantum leap for the biofuels sector.

    The following leaps will involve other clean technologies – including novel reactor designs… membrane-reactors (minimise energy of separations), novel energy inputs (microwave or ultrasonication)…

    I could go on…

    Best wishes simon,


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