Land for food or land for fuel, Unilever speaks out

The conflict between land for food or lan for fuel was highlighted on Monday by at a conference organised by the European Parliament’s green group and reported yesterday by EUobserver.  

“Land availability for both food and fuel is very questionable”, managing director Guenther Buck of food-giant Unilever warned.

This is an important warning, Unilever is big, its brands range from food to other domestic necessities. 

Quoting from EUobserver,

The multinational company estimates that in 20 years time, an extra 50% food production will be needed to feed the world’s growing population.

“Without agricultural intensification this will require an additional 2.5 billion hectares of land – as much as two thirds of the current forest area. And this is before biofuel production sets in,” Mr Buck said.

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