Now US Grocers want an end to corn subsidies and ethanol tariffs

US Grocers want an end to US corn subsidies and tariffs. In a recent statement their trade body said:

America’s biofuels policy must be pursued thoughtfully and deliberately, taking into full account the possible unintended consequences of a sharp increase in the use of corn for fuel.

A 35 billion gallon ethanol mandate will require a substantial increase in the use of fossil fuels for corn and ethanol processing and transportation, as well as an additional fifteen million acres devoted to corn crops, which will encroach on agriculturally-marginal and environmentally- sensitive land.

“An aggressive ethanol mandate will also require the U.S. to significantly reduce its corn exports to ensure an adequate supply of corn for food and fuel.

“Such a reduction will result in a decrease in the amount of food available overseas, which in turn will have a negative affect on world hunger.

Are they just being depressing nay sayers?  Let me know

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