Food , UN Agencies, biofuels and confusion

Talk about food and biofuels to UN Agencies, confusion is the outcome. About a month ago I ran a piece suggesting that it was not unreasonable for different parts of the UN to disagree over food policy.There’s no joined up thinking at the UN about biofuel . The UN isn’t a dictatorship, nor is it a herd of sheep. About two weeks ago I ran a piece about how the head of the UN Food Agency believes that biofuels could be very good for the third world farmers. Yesterday the UN rapporteur on the right to food, according to Planet Ark

accused the European Union (EU), Japan and the United States of “total hypocrisy” for promoting biofuels to cut their own dependency on imported oil.

“There is a great danger for the right to food by the development of biofuels,” Ziegler told a news briefing held on the sidelines of the UN Human Rights Council.

“It (the price) will be paid perhaps by hundreds of thousands of people who will die from hunger,” he added.

Look out for someone at the UN to take the contrary view to that in a couple of weeks..

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