Bob Metlcalf takes helm of Greenfuel technologies

According to Cnet Bob Metcalf has taken the helm of Greenfuel Technologies replacing Carry Bullock. Layoffs are expected at the algae to biofuels firm, according to Cnet.
A letter purportedly from Metcalf outlined one of the difficulties behind the firm’s decision to close one of its algae plants in Arizona. Quoting from Xeconomy

The plan is that the interim period will not last beyond year’s end. In Metcalfe’s note, he called the greenhouse shutdown in the Arizona desert a “success failure” typical of efforts to commercialize emerging technologies. “Our current third-generation engineering scale greenhouse grew algae faster than expected, demonstrating again that CO2 recycling and algae productivity can be achieved at scale in our high-technology greenhouses. However, this very success triggered failure, as we could not harvest the rapidly growing algae quickly enough. Their unexpected density limited light and nutrient supply, which caused them to start dying. As a result, the greenhouse had to be shut down.

If that is the case then its pretty good news for the biofuel from algae lobby. Greenfuel technologies need more cash (who doesn’t ) and they need a compelling partner for the algae project by the year end says the letter.

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  1. Krassen Dimitrov 5 July, 2007 at 3:27 am #

    “If that is the case then its pretty good news for the biofuel from algae lobby.”

    In related news, approximately 230 pigs flew non-stop from Houston, TX to Cleveland, OH, breaking the record for longest non-stop flight by pigs. At a joint news-conference representatives for GreenFuel and for the pigs issued the following statement:

    “Our recent successes clearly demonstrate that the Law of Gravity and the First Law of Thermodynamics have run out their course…”

    Next to go: Algebra. Stay tuned for more from the exciting world of VC-science

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