Fuel rationing in the US?

Raymond J. Learsey, over on the Huffington post is suggesting that the US should adopt fuel rationing as one way of cutting down the amount of gasoline that is consumed by the US.

Well you could try rationing, but unless there’s some kind of national emergency, where people see a real, obvious danger to themselves and all that they hold dear it is a dead duck of an idea. Sorry to say that. But, instead of rationing what you could do is impose European fuel efficiency standards on the US auto Industry. Increased efficiency is the only way to reduce fuel consumption that might work in a democracy that does not feel threatened. It might even save Detroit as a world car-building centre. Greater fuel efficiency would also make some point to using biofuels. Currently, the technology that produces biofuels is inefficient, using that technology to convert food-stuffs into fuel is only feasible if the fuel produced is used in more efficient engines, otherwise it will be a profligate and highly inflationary waste of natural resources.

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2 Responses to Fuel rationing in the US?

  1. Mark C R UK 17 July, 2007 at 1:40 pm #

    My school history lessons taught me that the west coast of the US in WW2 – saw near rioting due to the threat of rationing…

    What would Americans make of this? Do you think that an approach adopting stoicism would come forward?!?

    I think if anything – they’d vote with their wallets and start buying European style super-mini’s

    See: Can U.S. Adopt Europe’s Fuel-Efficient Cars? on Jim Frasier’s: The Energy Blog

  2. Biofuelsimon 18 July, 2007 at 9:20 am #

    It is interesting isn’t it that the big three Detroit based car makers of 10 years ago have become the big two and that Japanese producers which have similar models outside the US have gained market share. If you’re the boss of GM, or work in a US owned in car plant, or in the marketing department of a US car maker and you don’t get that then your firm wont’ be around in 20 years time.

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