Biofuels are bad for the planet (again)

Trans National Insitute (which calls itself a world wide fellowship of committed scholar-activists (they’d hardly be uncommited)) has published Paving the way for agrofuels: an unsustainable path
It starts by stating:

In the face of the climate change threat and the increasing scarcity of fossil fuels, agrofuels are being heavily promoted as a means to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The EU is proposing a 10 per cent mandatory target for agrofuel use in transport by 2020. Yet there is strong and growing evidence that, far from reducing emissions, the rush to agrofuels will significantly accelerate climate change, as well as contributing to a range of other social and environmental problems.

And ends with

Growing awareness among the media and wider public is rightly endangering support for the current EU policies. Instead of incentivising the unsustainable expansion of agrofuels, action should be taken at source to transform existing transport schemes and city planning, reduce the use of energy and other resources, and take responsibility for the EU’s historical ecological and social debt.

I like the idea of transforming existing transport schemes and city planning to reduce the use of energy and other resources. But from a UK perspective it intersting hearing that about a place with a much greater degree of public transport integration than there is at home…

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