Could methanol be the new ethanol?

Could methanol be the new ethanol in a couple of years time. I ask the question because my good pal, John Richardson, over on the Asian Chemicals Connection blog has an interesting post about a surfeit of methanol due from about 2012, on current reckoning.
Now methanol and ethanol, apart from having a carbon difference in their composition are both alcohols, and could be used as fuel oxygenates (they both contain oxygen, but that’s not the only criteria) with a bit of tweaking of fuel systems, it might work.

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  1. John Richardson 19 September, 2007 at 9:49 am #

    They are already doing it in China to above 10% blends in petrol unofficially in some provinces. Not sure about vapour pressure, stability and all that.

    Methanol is also widely used a substitute for brake fluid, but the trouble is that it stops working fairly quickly. The second biggest cause of accidents in China is brake failure!

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