Worth checking out the biofuelwatch blog

Check out the biofuelwatch blog. The report on the COLOMBIA EMERGENCY CONFERENCE “Global Crisis, Human Rights and Agrofuels” makes interesting reading on how life is on the ground for many people at the sharp end of the biofuels business in the developing world.

What this reports shows, apart from the lack of civil society in Columbia, (and the disdain in which the author holds Fedepalma) is that there needs to be an ethical approach to biofuels by the developed countries that will be the main consumers. I think that this should include a measure of the plantation method that is used to grow the oil, and the treatment of people on the land before the plantations came. How wealth from the biodiesel is spread through indigenous farmers for a start.

It cannot be acceptable to forcibly relocate people except possibly in natural disasters. Planting oil palm is not a substitute for forest. In countries where civil society is weak then audit should be a mandatory part of the aid process. With further aid being tied to satisfactory audit by donors. This is not colonialism it is ethical.

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