You know you’ve gone to far with biofuels when…

You know you’ve gone too far with veg oil when… There’s an excellent thread on this over on the Australian Biofuels forum:
Some of my favourites are:

* Your kids can not only identify whether chips from an unfamiliar chip shop were cooked in oil or lard, but identify several Brands of oil from the taste of the food alone!

* You aren’t feeding them any more food than usual but your dogs appear to be doubling in size just from the oil they are licking up off drums and from what you drip around the place.

* Friends you drop off drums of oil to unannounced, start referring to you as “ The oil fairy”.

* You buy a 28 year old Mercedes when you already had a perfectly good modern car and didn’t need another one!

*You kill your wife’s treasured lemon tree by composting glycerin too close to it (without evaporating the methanol first!).

Many thanks to David and Pangit for this. Plese leave more ideas here and at The Australian Biofuels forum.

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