Nevermind molasses, ferment sugar cane– Indian government

According to Planet Ark, yesterday India’s cabinet started allowing sugar companies to manufacture ethanol directly from sugarcane juice to aid mills struggling with surplus stocks. Until now, ethanol was produced entirely from the sugarcane byproduct, molasses.
Looks like they’re solving a sticky situation… (sorry) more seriously it is interesting that the volume of ethanol to be blended with gasoline is likely to be around 10% from 2008, so the ethanol is likely to be consumed domestically, and not exported.

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  1. R.srivathsan 16 August, 2008 at 12:38 pm #

    I have read large number of articles on conversion of sugar cane juice to ethanol for blending and using as automotive fuel. i would like go one step backward and the possibality of using the sugar cane jucie and subject it fertmetnation to obtain methane(bio methanation) and usethe gas thus generted for converting it to elcrtical power using gas engines. From my observation it is possible to genrate 45,000 unit of electrcity by crushing 70 tons of sugar cane and converting so obtained jiucie to methane gas for poer generation.
    I would like to know whether this is a practicle feasible solution of power starved country like india which is fully renewable and agro centered without causing enviromental degradation. An email reply will be highly appreciated,

  2. Simon Robinson 18 August, 2008 at 11:02 am #


    I’m not sure that you can easily produce much methanol via fermentation. Ethanol is the main product, if you’re using yeast as your fermenting agent. There are potential energy savings using biofuels for static power generation like electricity.

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