20p off bus fare with a litre of used veg oil

UK bus operator Stagecoach is offering passengers 20p off bus fare with a litre of used veg oil on selected routes in Scotland as it trials biofuels on some routes.

According to a report on Scotsman.com

Locals can take their chip fat to a recycling point owned by Ayrshire Council, and from there it will go on to Argent Energy, which produces the biofuel using animal fat. The buses have been fitted with dual fuel tanks for mineral and biodiesel fuel, at a total cost of £40,000.

When they start, they will run on mineral diesel until the engine reaches the right temperature, when they will automatically switch over to biodiesel, which will power the vehicle for the rest of the day. Launching the scheme, Des Browne, the Scottish Secretary and MP for Kilmarnock and Loudon, said: “I welcome this innovative collaboration between two of our leading companies – a recycling initiative that fuels public transport cuts carbon emissions twice over.

I’m not sure if this incentive for micro collection really is a gimmick or if its a piece of inspired thinking.

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