Japanese biofuel collaboration

Good to see that 16 Japanese industrial organisations are cooperating in developing new biofuel technologies, over on Biopact. It is especially good to see that they are going to use waste biomass from industry and agriculture…

According to Biopact

The Japanese initiative, which will be announced and further detailed later this week, aims to ultimately push down the production cost of bioethanol to 40 yen per litre (€0.24/liter or $1.37/gallon) by the end of 2015 – a level considered to be competitive with other alternative energy sources.

Japan currently imports ethanol from Brazil, which delivers the most cost-effective biofuel on the market. But local production of bioethanol from sugar cane in Japan currently costs about 140 yen per litre, according to the Nikkei.

That kind of step change would make a real difference to the economics of production, the question is whether they will go along a cellulosic biofuel route or consider pyrolysis.

More deatails are due on Wednesday.

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