The potential for waste as a biofuel

I’m giving a paper on 4 December at the 1st ICIS Bioresources Summit in Sedgfield Co Durham UK. Its been a salutary lesson to me about having too much fun over the past 18 months. Its like asking a Jackdaw to go through its nest and pull out a theme, not just the 25 shiniest things it can put its hand on… So what am I going to talk about?
I’m not going to tell you (before the event) but I’ve been rummaging around and found that
The US already uses 20% of its corn crop to make ethanol
That the UK produces around 117m tonnes of waste that might be useful as biofuels
That the US probably already makes its incremental demand for gasoline out of renewable fuels.
Sovereign risk is a bad thing(third definition)
I’ll be chatting around those and a number of other areas in my capacity as a commentator. There will be many other speakers there who are more day-to-day involved in the business…

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