Solazyme produces “thousands of gallons” of algal biofuel

Solazyme says it is producing “thousands of gallons” of biofuels from algae . Solazyme says it has signed a biodiesel feedstock development and testing agreement with Chevron Technology Ventures.

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One Response to Solazyme produces “thousands of gallons” of algal biofuel

  1. thesound 28 May, 2008 at 5:36 pm #

    Not using food stock or useable farmland and reusing 95% of the water required, how is this not the answer to completely replacing the diesel & jet fuel we are currently getting from oil? Algae sequesters carbon dioxide when growing to make up 2/3 of its weight, getting us much closer to a closed loop resource. Of course this is only a temporary solution until we replace internal combustion engines, but it would get us much closer to carbon neutral on these fuels.

    Valcent Products has also solved the problems of shading and scalability.

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