Worries about biofuels move into different areas

One area of human experience that I can’t be bothered to get to grips with is Massively Multiplayer Role-playing Online Games. (If I can’t see the whites of their eyes across the Monopoly board, I can’t know how they are going to react when I storm off in a huff after landing on their Hotel?). However I do find politics the most interesting form of legalised bloodsport, and in many ways the two areas are not that different, so I was interested to read on Tobold’s MMORPG Blog Tobold’s take on the Iowa primaries, and what they mean for biofuels and food prices.
Tobold thinks that populous non-farming states should be the first to hold primaries, and it seems to me that although not on-line, getting that kind of change would be a Massively Multiplayer role-playing game (or is that politics)

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