E.ON responds to “green” to ship trees post

I’ve just had an email from Emily at E.ON about the wood burning power plant it wants to build near Bristol, UK. It set some of my worries to rest. Some specifics would be nice, but I guess it is early days for the project.

Here’s the reply in full.

The principal biomass fuel to be burnt by the biomass plant will be woodchip which will be

sourced from sustainable supplies, however it is likely the majority of the fuel will be delivered by

ship with the remainder being regionally sourced and delivered by road or rail (subject to a

transport assessment).


The design capacity of the plant has not yet been determined precisely as it will depend on the

completion of a fuel supply study. However, the plant is likely to have a net electrical output of

about 150MW which would require a fuel supply of approximately 1,200,000 tonnes per year. The

annual tonnage of biomass required will depend on the technical specification such as the

Calorific Values and the types of the woodchip.

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