Poet to make cellulosic biofuel by year end

Poet LLC, formerly Broin, says it will be making cellulosic ethanol at a plant in Dakota by the end of the year, according to a report in Iowa Farmer Today.

It looks like Poet will be using DuPont technology, under an agreement signed in 2006 to make the ethanol. Poet gained funding from the US Department of Energy in 2007 to peruse the technology. The firm has been working with harvesting machinery firms to develop machinery that will take the corn cob as well as the corn off plants without significantly slowing harvesting.

Poet will be taking a leaf out of the Brazilian ethanol business by citing its cellulosic ethanol plants next to traditional refineries.

Looks like one of my predictions made in January will have been proven wrong about four years sooner than I thought. I’d be quite happy about that.

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