Ethanol wants to cosy up to Detroit

Large sections of the US ethanol business have been writing to the US car makers asking them to support higher volume blends of ethanol in future and tying that message to an innovate or die warning… It could be a good idea…there does need to be more buy in from automakers to help
ethanol/butanol fuels get off the ground, and to provide volume demand
that will encourage infrastructure and second generation fuels. That
said, the truly dreadful fuel efficiency of US vehicles, cars, trucks
and semis must also be addressed. Otherwise you’re warming the house by
burning the furniture, which you can do but it is very expensive.

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2 Responses to Ethanol wants to cosy up to Detroit

  1. Elmo the Electric Bikes Guy 29 November, 2008 at 11:04 pm #

    Excellent and in depth article on the pluses and minuses of all of the alternative energy sources. I know that China has a deal with Westinghouse to build 200 nuclear plants in an effort to quell their dependence on fossil fuels. Anyway, necessity is the mother of invention and as we do more research into different methods of manipulating different sources of energy newer hurdles will emerge as well as solutions.

    God Bless!

  2. Joey Love 1 December, 2008 at 9:26 am #

    GM ‘s sudden stewardship of the environment is simply a way to continue to make gas guzzlers thanks to E85 an extremely inefficient fuel. The CAFE standards call for all car companies to achieve an average MPG for all vehicles. I believe the most recent number is 27 MPG. Well if you make the biggest money off of 10 miles per gallon SUV’s you would hate to say good bye to them wouldn’t you?
    The CAFE standards has a loophole, that being that an E85 vehicle operating on E85 miles per gallon are ONLY figured against the actual amount of gasoline in the blend (15%) if you divide 100% fuel by 15% gasoline you get the multiplier to the mpg (666) therefore a gas guzzling 10 MPG SUV is given credit for 66.6 MPG. If you sell one SUV like this you can have 5 vehicles only achieving 20 MPG and this gas guzzling SUV and you average more than 27 MPG overall while not one of their vehicles really met the standard.
    GM is not the only one taking advantage of this free ride Ford and Chrysler are too. The big three are heading down the toilet and this is just their hands clinging to the rim.

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