India’s biofuel market: a report

There’s a new report on the outlook for India’s biofuels market. The key take-away for me is that despite a growing ethanol industry, India is going to have an ethanol deficit until at least 2017 as demand outstrips supply by about 4.5%/year. 

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One Response to India’s biofuel market: a report

  1. Pradeepethna 21 November, 2008 at 3:19 pm #

    I am all for biofuels, but think that this ethanol should not lead to destruction of the meagre forests India has left and aggravate water issues.
    I have been increasingly looking at algal (not algae :-) ) biodiesel, and it looks interesting. The main advantage here is that algae have ~100x the productivity of food crops (soybeans,etc., not sure about sugarcane) and can yield biodiesel, which countries like India consume more than petrol (gasoline). Productivity issues still need to be taken care of, though.

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