Solix plans algae biofuel plant in Colorado

Solix is planning to build a carbon-dioxide to biofuels plant in Colorado. It’s going to use carbon dioxide which is pumped to the Texas oil fields to help extract oil and use water that comes out of a methane bed in the South Ute reservation. The story is buried in the middle of a pile of stuff about water use in Coloarado (that’s going to be a big big story someday)

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  1. Pradeep 17 November, 2008 at 7:57 pm #

    Some info from the sustainable site :

    “Currently, algae grown in photo-bioreactors at Solix headquarters yield more than five times the amount of fuel per acre of land per year than agriculture-based fuels including ethanol from corn and biodiesel from soy and canola, at their current commercial yields.”

    This results in oil yields of ~4 T/ha/year (assuming oil yields of ~0.7 T/ha/year for agricultural crops). In comparison, GreenFuel (featured in an earlier article on this blog) plans to produce ~44 T/ha/year (1.3 million gallons/year from 100 ha. from its Holcim cement plant facility) of oil by 2011.

  2. Jane 18 November, 2008 at 9:32 pm #

    Learn more about Algae to Biofuel…

    National Algae Association – December 2, 2008 – Fullerton California.

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