Syngenta in high yeild sugar cane development

In a statement issued late last week, Syngenta said it is developing a new technology todramatically improve the cost efficiency of sugar cane planting inBrazil. Syngenta´s innovation would reduce planting costs per hectareby some 15%, driven by a novel approach to grow sugar cane from smallercane segments using proprietary treatments. The technology is plannedfor launch in 2010 under the brand name Plene™ and has a marketpotential of $300 million per year by 2015.

This potentially make corn ethanol look even sicker as a long term answer to fuel replacement. But I can equally see US farmers asking for the 54cent/gal import tariff from Brazil to be raised to repel the threat from much more economic ethanol. I don’t think that diverting sugar to ethanol is such a bad idea. Most of the time sugar is used for sweetness, not calories. Unlike corn.

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