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Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas one and all. I’ve started my Christmas holidays and will be away from the computer, until around 2 January 2007. I’ll be maintaining an interest in bioethanol (from grape), though nothing too excessive, during that time. Wishing you all a prosperous New Year. Best Wishes Simon

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Another way to contact me

As if my life weren’t full enough blogging about bioufuels. I’ve signed up for Yahoo messenger, as biofuelsimon. So if you want to drop me a line, please do.

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Free drinks in Warsaw

Hi there, posts are going to be a bit sporadic for the next few days. I’m going to be away from my computer tomorrow. I’ll be around for a while on Monday, but in the afternoon I leave for Warsaw, Poland and the 2006 European Biofuels Forum, organised by the World Refining Association. So expect […]

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