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Sugar Cane

Brazil plans to increase the proportion of bioethanol in gasoline

Bioethanol has been a mainstay of Brazil’s fuel economy for some time, now the country plans to increase the amount of ethanol in gasoline from 20% to 23% soaking up nearly 310m litres from 20 November. This follows a request from the sugar alcohol sector, which wanted the mixture to be increased after a bumper […]

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Potential size of UK biofuels from crops

Chris Rhodes’ Energy Balance blog has an interesting insight into how bioethanol could feature in the UK’s future fuel mix. Rhodes examines some of the UK’s Royal Society of Chemistry’s Policy Bulletin on Energy Policy (published October 2006). I think he sums up the current situation quite nicely when he says: There is no way […]

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French biofuel farmers to the rescue!

According to the BBC the President of France, Jacques Chirac says non-food crops should be at the heart of European biofuels policy and France should get around 10% of its fuel needs from Biofuels by 2015. But he doesn’t want the Common Agricultural Policy (a bone of contention between countries with weaker farming lobbies and […]

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