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Here’s one solution for excess glycerine

Biodiesel makers face a problem: what to do with the glycerine/glycerol,that the biodiesel production process makes on the side. One answer to the problem of what to do with glcyerine made with biodieselcame across my desk from Chemisch2Weekblad a few minutes ago. I saw it in translation, the site is in Dutch. The former Methanor […]

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Biodiesel franchise in South Africa

DeBeers Fuel is taking delivery of 90, biodiesel from algae reactors and is starting production n Naboomspruit, South Africa, according to the Energy Blog. The firm has signed an agreement with GreenstarProducts for 90 reactors over 18 months and has taken delivery of the first, which was shipped from MIT in Cambridge Massachutsettes. DeBeers Fuel […]

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Need biodesel in the UK?

Need biodesel in the UK? If you need biodiesel in the UK you should check out the biodiesel filling stations website. It has useful links to suppliers. You can buy by mail order. Technorati Tags: biodiesel, biofuel, Companies, Europe, UK

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gas pumps

Biodiesel: you don’t want to read this… but you should

Just the news the biodiesel industry does not want to hear. The US National Biodisel Board surveyed biodiesel pumps across the US between November 2005 and July this year and found that one third (my emphasis) of biodiesel sampled did not meet biodiesel fuel standards. Biodiesel is very much the preserve of enthusisasts in the […]

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How can moving from traditional petroleum burning cars to biodiesel bring families closer together. (I can’t honestly say I thought I’d ever write something like that when I started). Check out BiodieselMom, its just so wholesome and downright nice. Technorati Tags: America, biodiesel, biofuel, Transport, US

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Need more reasons to use biodiesel instead of the alternative

If ever anyone asks you why they should use biodiesel instead of the regular stuff that comes out of the pumps, just memorise the data from Alternative Energy on their post the Advantages of Biodiesel Fuel for Transportation and you won’t be short of an answer. Technorati Tags: bioethanol, biofuel, Transport

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Momentum strenghtens team and plant progresses

Momentum Bio Fuel ,says it has appointed a new CFO, Robert Degeyter, and is making progress with its 20,000,000 gallon/year (about 76m litres/year) biodiesel plantin La Porte, Texas. Technorati Tags: America, biodiesel, Mometum Bio Fuel, Texas, US

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Plant OK’d in Illinois

Biodiesel supplies in near Chicago got a boost today when, the Illinois state environmental protection agency has given Nova Energy Holding a permit to build and operate for one year a 60m gallons/year (227m litres/year) biodiesel plant in Seneca, Illinois. Nova is inthe process of completing financing for the project. The plant is part of […]

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Algae could make biodiesel with Geothermal help

I found these pictures of experimental algae to biodiesel pools in Wabuska, Nevada at Infinifuel’s site. The facility is home to a geothermal power plant and some of the biodiesel output would piggy back on the extra energy that would otherwise be waste after power generation. Infinifuel isalso positioning the site as a rape-seed processing […]

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More biodiesel from algae

Biodiesel can be produced in a number of ways, one of the more promising for the future could be algae in closed glass tubes or at sewage farms. Many types of algae are over 50% oil so the yield per algae could be quite high. If they grow fast enough. The University of New Hampshire […]

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