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Ethanol: bumpy times ahead

Ethanol could face a bumpy time next year in the US, as a plethora of new plants come on stream, the oil price falls and the price of grain remain the same, according to Tom Webb in the St Paul Pioneer Press. Webb says Ethanol prices are down 50 percent from their June peak, and […]

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Make more money out of bioethanol and biodiesel by offsetting emissions

One of the great things about bioethanol and biodiesel is that the plants which make them absorb carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. This means that growers should be generating carbon credits, (thanks to the Kyoto Protocol (sign up now George W!)) that they can sell to big carbon dioxide users. Point Carbon monitors the […]

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What are biofuel input costs and sales costs doing today?

The Chicago Board of Trade looks set to help people manage some of the risks in the ethanol market by offering over-the-counter swaps for ethanol from early December. The swaps will be for future and previous calendar months and will be settled away from the trading floor. Keen to find the daily forward prices of […]

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