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More on Michigan State’s big cellulosic ethanol drive

I wrote a couple of days ago about a company called Frontier Renewable Resources, a joint venture between JM Longyear and Mascoma that is planning to convert trees in Michigan into ethanol for biofuel. There has been a follow up story in the Michigan Messenger. Patrick K. Egan at the Messenger has managed to talk […]

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Filtertechnic open day

Filtertechnic is having a home-brew open day in Nottingham, UK on 7 June 2008. I’ll be in London, but if I was in the Midlands I might pop along. 

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A different take on South East Asian biofuel Epanison

A different perspective on the expansion of biofuels in South East Asia, from that of the Wall St Journal, that biofuels spell trouble in SE Asia wasgiven by Malaysia’s deputy prime minister at the opening of a conference, according to biopact. Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak said in a speech prepared for him at the […]

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Something for everyone interested in biofuels

In a bid to bring you the best range of new and second-hand biofuel equipment… The Big Biofuels Blog invites you to try these links to, as a service to our loyal readers…. Biodiesel Ethanol (including Bioethanol) Biofuel

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Biofuels for the developing world

According to James Monroe is offering modular equipment to biofuel producers in the developing world to make a range of biofuels like, bioethanol from fruit other waste products that are can be converted into sugars. These plants are suitable for decentralised production, say biopact.

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