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A corny car

Sue, my colleague, found this picture of a corn built car on the Gas 2.0 blog in a post about Dow Chemical and Ford Motor Co and the future of fuels and motoring.

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Fuel from Corn

I saw this image on Flickr (thankyou Mista Fitz) and thought it was a rather strong image of what many people think is wrong with biofuels at the moment. It may not tell the whole story in terms of the price of food. It’s a pretty healthy-looking piece of corn, not a dried-up seed head […]

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What do you think about this picture

I was sent the link to this in the Biofuelwatch newsgroup. © Chappatte – Let me know what you think about the cartoon.

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Get your pictures rolling in

Get your biofuel pictures rolling into the Biofuel and SVO forum and you will almost certainly get a bumper sticker and might win a real prize.

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