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China’s biofuel capacity by 2010

Interesting numbers here from Xinuha (a chinese state news agecny, so it’s the government talking) about china’s plans to issue policy regulating ethanol industry with capacity for fuel ethanol by 2010. Xiong Bilin, vice director of the NDRC’s department of industry, told a conference on bio-energy that the oil alternative “gasohol” would account for more […]

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UK wants more tax breaks for biofuels

Earlier today, the UK parliament decided it would be a good idea to give more tax breaks to people using and producing fuel ethanol and biodiesel, according to a report on Planet Ark.

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WSJ gets biofuels buzz

Deep Green Crystals put me on to this story in the Wall St Journal abouthow renewables such as ethanol and biodiesel could help account for 25% of the US energy demand by 2025, according to a study by the Rand Corporation. Part of the answer lies in forests which are covering more land area […]

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Democrats see Alternative energy important in their first high 100 hours legilsative agenda

US ethanol and biodiesel producers are in pretty flat mood after a Washington Post election story yesterday about the Democrat’s plans for the first 100 legislative hours following their progress in the mid-term elections last week. The key passage House Democratic leaders have put forward an ambitious opening salvo for January, a 100-hour legislative blitz […]

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Cellulosic ethanol, which side are you on?

Some of the debates over the future with biofuels that I’ve aired earlier in this blog, have surfaced in a new biofuels centre at the University of California, Berkley. In the nature of academic debate two professors in the Joint Center for Sustainable Transportation find themselves on opposite sides of the cellulosic ethanol debate. Accordding […]

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Which biofuels grant did you want?

The International Energy Authority has a web page devoted to most of the larger grants that bioethanol and biodiesel makers can apply for by country. How nice is that? Pretty good, but the links from the page don’t work to well (grrrr) or indeed, at all (grrrrrrrrrr) but I’m going to offer it up as […]

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Biofuels offer the “SmartWay to Grow & go”

Biofuels got a shot in the arm earlier this week with news that the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is launching: Biofuels, the SmartWay to Grow & Go on its own initiative. I’m not going to get into the mêlée that the Elections due next week are, but

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A Stern test of commitment to Green prinicples

Andy Rowel, writing for Oil Change International, says Reading the British papers today there is a general consensus that the Stern review has changed the political landscape over climate change. There are good economic reasons for the UK to be very concerned about climate change; around 1m Londoners live less that 2m above the current, […]

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Tax breaks and biofuels

Bioethanol and biodiesel cost the US taxpayer between $5.5bn and $7.5bn in tax breaks, are ruining the countryside and storing up trouble for the future, according to

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Biofuels and subsidies

Biofuels feature strongly in this blog from the Sustainable Transport Coalition of Western Australia. One thing that strikes me is that biofuels are competitive with big oil only when there are tax-breaks and other kinds of featherbedding for producers. That’s fine while the industry takes off, but if you truly believe in sustainability then you […]

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