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Mark Lewis Opportunies for biorefining in the North East of England

Mark Lewis Technical Director of the North East Process Industries Cluster spoke about the opportunities for bioresources in the North East of England at the 1st ICIS Bioresources Summit. How to integrate the process to make biofuels and create value out of the other streams. Biorefineries will be large but limited by the ability to […]

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Paul Temple talks at ICIS Bioresources Summit

Looking at the biofuel challenge to the agricultural supply chain.Here are some soundbites from Paul’s presentation that caught my attention As a farmer we harness the environment we produce the only truly renewable raw materials. Biofuels are “one of the brighter areas”. FAO calculated 41.88m km2 land is available 15.06 km are in use 0.11m […]

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The potential for waste as a biofuel

I’m giving a paper on 4 December at the 1st ICIS Bioresources Summit in Sedgfield Co Durham UK. Its been a salutary lesson to me about having too much fun over the past 18 months. Its like asking a Jackdaw to go through its nest and pull out a theme, not just the 25 shiniest […]

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