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What will you be doing when oil hits $100/barrel?

What will you be doing when oil hits $100/barrel? Do you think that at that price biofuels will become viable?

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OPEC plans to keep oil above $70/bbl

According to Paul Hodges (aka the chief economist) over on Chemicals and the Econonmy, the spat brewing between OPEC (the oil producers’ club) and the International Energy Agency (the rich countries energy watchdog) is coming along nicely. According to Hodges, Claude Mandil, director general of the IEA, told Arab Oil and Gas ‘the market has […]

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Should biofuels production be confined to the tropics?

The Biopact blog has looked at the commercial viability of a number of potential biofuel crops. The blogger suggests that people in temperate latitudes will only find growing crops such as rape seed and wheat making sense commercially when the price of oil is considerably higher than it is now. Green fuels based on low […]

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