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Now hops are short

One of the unintended consequences of the rush to ethanol in the US is that now hops are in short supply. Hop growers have moved into more profitable corn in the Pacific North West, according to Dethroner (where every man is king) this is putting craft beer in a parlous position… Shame, shame, shame.

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Comparing unleaded and e85 Australian style

Team Ethanol are trying to compare the fuel efficiency of running a Saab from Darwen to Alice Springs (about 930miles/1498km) and running it on e85 (there) and unleaded (back) in the World Solar Challenge, which is more about endurance than raw speed. Google maps puts the drive time at 17 hours and 33 minutes (that’s […]

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biofuel and beer a link that’s worrying lorry drivers

The link between biodiesel and beer is beginning to worry lorry drivers, according to the Road Transport blog, and they’ve got reason to be. Not that I’m sugggesting that UK lorry drivers are anything other than knights of the road, but they do like a tipple out of the cab. We’ve discused the link between […]

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