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FAO wants biofuel support examined and outlines world biofuel capacity

The United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organisation wants subsisidies, tariffs and tax-breaks for biofuels production examined and possibly reduced in a press release which marks the publication of its annual report The State of Food. That report makes a compelling case for the use of cellulosic routes to biofuels, and by implication for much greater […]

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Syngenta unveils tropical sugar beet in India

Syngenta has unveiled a new tropical sugar beet that produces around as much sugar as cane, the company says. The crop matures in five months and uses less water than cane. This could be useful for ethanol production in the tropics.

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US looks to sugar for biofuels

The United States congress is looking to amend the agriculture act to allow sugar beet and sugar cane grown in the states to be used to make biofuels, according to biopact.

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