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A Short Essay on Biofuels and Related Matters

This is a guest post from Professor David B. Benson (retired), who is a regular commenter on The Big Biofuels Blog.David’s contact details: dbenson@eecs.wsu.edu Biofuel——-  Photosynthesis uses only a very small fraction of the available sunlight.  This means that growing biomass to make biofuels will require considerable land (and water) resources.  Even so, these are […]

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Biochar conference

There’s an international biochar conference coming up between 8-10 September 2008, its in Newcastle, UK. I might go along. I’m interested in what the effect of removing cellulose could have on soil structure should cellulosic biofuels take off. This conference aims to discuss the effects of adding a carbon char to the soil, which seems […]

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