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Small scale US biorefineres in $200m boost

Over at The Energy blog they report that: The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) on May 1 announced that it will provide up to $200 million, over five years (FY’07-’11) to support the development of small-scale cellulosic biorefineries. This funding  announcement seeks projects to develop biorefineries at ten percent of commercial scale that produce liquid […]

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Ever wondered how cellulosic ethanol might be made?

If you’ve ever wondered how cellulosic ethanol might be made check out the page on wikipedia about cellulase, which is an enzyme…

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Sensible biofuel points

Over on Climate Policy you can find Daniel Kammen, a professor at Berkeley – which recently won a $500m donation from BP to look at alternatives to traditional gasoline —  make a number of very sensible biofuel points… He outlines exactly the kind of green fuel we don’t want… Ethanol, made from corn and refined to ethanol […]

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