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Jatropha: is it really a crop?

I thought that I’d take a look at Jatropha to see what all the interest from companies like D1 and BP is about. One thing that I’ve been wondering about is how much like a cropping plant, such as apples, wheat, rice or soya is it. One of the characteristics of these plants is that […]

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Just how politically sustainable is using food for fuel in the US?

Just how politically sustainable is using food for fuel in the US. There’s an interesting post over on dtn Ag Policy Blog (limited trial, and limited access, I had to pretend to be Canadian) about the sustainability of the US’ Biofuel policy. The key lines for me are USDA Chief Economist says that the rising […]

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Bumper palm oil crop for Indonesia

A bumper palm oil crop looks set to be harvested in Indonesia this year, according to Bloomberg. Hattip to plam news

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Curing one addiction could cure another

It is possible that farmers in parts of Latin America are turning from drugs to another cashcrop, produce for biofuels, according to Making Biodiesel. It would be great wouldn’t it if we could cure two addictions with one biofuel crop?

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Tax breaks and biofuels

Bioethanol and biodiesel cost the US taxpayer between $5.5bn and $7.5bn in tax breaks, are ruining the countryside and storing up trouble for the future, according to

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