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Could Russia become a biofuel superpower?

This is a bit of a long shot but reading this report in the UK’s Daily Telegraph about Russia using big a good harvest as a foreign policy tool, got me thinking about the possibility of it becoming a biofuel superpower. While the trust of the article is about a record wheat harvest, this paragraph […]

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US exports to EU threaten global biodiesel – EBB

The European Biodiesel board is worried enough about the US exports of biodiesl to the Europe to start drafting a complaint to the World Trade Organisation about it, and warned the US National Biodisel Board meeting in Orlando, Florida that US biodiesel exports to the EU threaten global biodiesel industry. Hattip to Stephen Burns, a […]

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Wheat prices up and Brazil worries about ethanol

Rich pickings today on Planet Ark, the price of wheat in Europe is soaring, apparently because of a drought in Australia. Didn’t know we imported much wheat from Australia, mostly lamb. The absolute prices for wheat in the US quoted though are pretty high: currently at around 8.69/bushel after spiking at over 8.80/bushel, a rise […]

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