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Air New Zeland to fly bifouel

This release came in overnight from my colleagues in the US. It takes us further with the Air New Zealand/Rolls Royce biofuels trials. It is notable because it will be using Jatropha derived biofuel. The fuel will be mixed 50:50 with conventional Jet. It is part of Honewell’s research in this area, which I’ve mentioned […]

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Food vs Fuel: the International Herald Tribue speaks

The International Herald Tribune has an opinion piece about biofuels today by Eric Holt-Giménez executive director of the Food First/Institute for Food and Development Policy. It is interesting because while it makes valid points about the proportion of income that the world’s poor pay for food and their inability to absorb high price rises in […]

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Some Lunchtime takeaway from Clean Fuels finance

Key take aways from the second session at the First Investing in Clean Fuels conference Sam Coxe, executive vice president of Credit Suisse said There is no sign of mergers and acquisition activity in the biofuels sector, and there is not great deal of interest from big oil in capacity in the biofuels sector. There […]

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