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Biofuel prices and farewell

ICIS has a series of price reports toassess biofuels markets globally. We now cover ETBE, biodiesel andfuel-grade ethanol prices in Europe, Asia, the USA and Latin America.  In addition to price reporting, ICIS also provides news coverage of the biofuels market.This will be the last entry in the blog for quite some time. I am […]

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psst, wanna buy some used cooking oil?

You might remember that I wrote a couple of days ago that there is no free grease anymore… well its got worse. Much worse. Words like “warzone”, are being used, the battleground is partly in San Francisco, where the city uses waste grease to make biodiesel for its busses, according to an article in SF […]

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There’s no free grease any more.

There’s no free grease any more, that’s the mournful message from Christopher Griffin, director of legal affairs for Griffin Industries, a company that collects raw grease in 20 states and turns it into yellow grease. Its all under contract, apparently. It didn’t take people long to realise that there’s value in old chip fat. So […]

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