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Changing land management could shrink carbon payback time

Changing land management could shrink carbon payback time when farmers convert grassland to biofuel production, say researchers in the Journal of Environmental Science and Technology.If this is right, and its been peer reviewed, I guess, then it could make biofuels more attractive in environmental terms. My question is how soon could agriculture switch to these […]

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Farmland prices are rising

Farmland prices are rising because of biofuels, according to the New York Times. DEKALB, Ill. — While much of the nation worries about a slumping real estate market, people in Midwestern farm country are experiencing exactly the opposite. Take, for instance, the farm here — nearly 80 acres of corn and soybeans off a gravel […]

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Ethanol drives farmland price inflation

According to the Londonist blog, demand for farmland in the Americas is pushing the price of this commodity up faster than it is rising in London. Demand for corn used in ethanol increased the value of crop land 16% in Indiana and 35% in Idaho in 2006, government figures show. The price of a Soho loft […]

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