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Two US associations react to rising food prices

The National Biodiesel Board and the Renewable Fuels Association have issued statements refuting the position of many of the US food sales companies that rising food costs are being caused by rising crop prices. They may have a point in the US which consumes a significant amount of processed food where the input of energy, […]

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Now big food is using underground campaigning against ethanol

  Now big food, in the shape of the US Grocery Manufacturers’ Association  is using underground campaigning against ethanol, according to DesMoinesRegister.com ,which is printed deep in the heart of the US cornbelt, Iowa. The website reports Agriculture Secretary Ed Schafer saying “Underground things that have been going on for several weeks to generate the public opinion that […]

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Now US Grocers want an end to corn subsidies and ethanol tariffs

US Grocers want an end to US corn subsidies and tariffs. In a recent statement their trade body said: America’s biofuels policy must be pursued thoughtfully and deliberately, taking into full account the possible unintended consequences of a sharp increase in the use of corn for fuel. A 35 billion gallon ethanol mandate will require a […]

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