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More on Michigan State’s big cellulosic ethanol drive

I wrote a couple of days ago about a company called Frontier Renewable Resources, a joint venture between JM Longyear and Mascoma that is planning to convert trees in Michigan into ethanol for biofuel. There has been a follow up story in the Michigan Messenger. Patrick K. Egan at the Messenger has managed to talk […]

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Michigan state in big cellulosic ethanol drive

The Michigan Messenger has a story about converting 375,000 chords of timber into 40m gal ethanol for biofuel. I think that this may be the start of a concerted campaign by environmental groups to stop or modify the plan. I don’t think that Mascoma will help itself if it fails to make someone available to […]

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GM and Marathon invest in biofuels

Good to see big names in energy and the automotive sector investing in cellulosic biofuels in Mascoma’s latest round of financing, according to Domestic Fuel.

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