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ethanol corn relationship.png

The relationship between corn, ethanol and autofuel replacement US-style

There is a direct relationship between the volume of corn converted to ethanol with the % of gasoline replaced in the US. Its shown more clearly if you click the line which contains the mysterious word Thi  at the bottom of this poor thumbnail. I’ve created the graph using data from the US Coalition for […]

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A corny car

Sue, my colleague, found this picture of a corn built car on the Gas 2.0 blog in a post about Dow Chemical and Ford Motor Co and the future of fuels and motoring.

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Fuel efficiency to be main focus at Frankfurt Motor Show

Fuel efficiency to be main focus at Frankfurt Motor Show, according to Product reviews net. This has to be a good thing. There is little point in people switching to biofuels (which are very resource intensive — it takes as much corn to fill a gas tank with ethanol as it would to feed a […]

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