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Interactive US map of advanced fuels

I saw this map from the Natural Resources Defense Council  on Robert Rapier’s i-r-squared blog and couldn’t resist it. I guess it is incomplete, but it looks pretty good.

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Biofuels drive up food prices: Bodman and Scafer

There’s been a  definitive piece of work on biofuels and food prices presented to the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources on 11 June chaired by Jeff Bingaman. Two secretaries of state Samuel W. Bodman (energy) and Edward T. Schafer (agriculture) respond to a series of questions from the committee: We would again caution, […]

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Biofuel econmics and Huggers

Well our friendly huggers were almost right, it is almost possible to make biofuels economically in Europe using raw materials dragged across the world.. Here’s the punch line from the abstract (you can’t get any more because its from an expensive, academic journal) Co-production of “green” FT transportation fuels and “green” SNG will be an […]

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