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European Union’s biofuels subsidies measured

The Size and scope of the European Union’s biofuels subsidies is outlined in a new report from the Global Subsidies Initiative, which recently looked at biofuel subsidies in OECD members. Taking some of the key findnings Transfers per tonne of CO2-equivalent removed are estimated to be between 575 and 800 euros for ethanol made from […]

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EU responds to OECD over biofuels

The European Commission has come out fighting in its assertion that biofuels are a good thing, in response to an earlier comment from the OECD which said that subsidies for biofuels are distorting markets and fueling food price inflation. The EU’s response was reported by Philippa Jones in ICIS News. (Disclosure: I work for ICIS: […]

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Biofuels are changing agricultural economics

Biofuels are changing agricultural economics according to the OECD and the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation in a report on ICIS News. (Disclosure: I work for ICIS: About ICIS) This is

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