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Bill Gates cuts holdings in renewable fuel

Bill Gates has cut his holdings in renewable fuel, with the sale of 1.3m shares in Pacific Ethanol, according to SacBee Business. The website suggests that Bill is taking a bit of a bath but the company doesn’t seem to mind him cutting his stake.

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We’d like to use an eighth of your avilable water… will that be OK?

We’d like use an eighth of your available water… will that be OK? I’m sure that is not quite how Pacific Ethanol put it to the city of Burley, Idaho, and it won’t be a problem, according to a report on the South Idaho Press, in a clearly written and workmanlike piece. But it does […]

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Asian nations to look closely at biofuels

The nations of Asia and the Pacific are being urged to study the issue of biofuels with greater care before deciding on how they will use their agricultural products to generate energy. Scientists say there is an urgent need to support the current rush toward major decisions on biofuel policies in Asia and the Pacific […]

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