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Ethanol from copy paper

It isn’t particularly fast, and there is no detail on the yeild, but Japanese researchers have developed an enzyme-based route to producing ethanol from shredded copy paper. There is no information about whether the ink on the paper makes any difference to the quality of the fuel. p> Thanks to Hugh Baker

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Just how much forest waste is there?

Thinking about my response to the earlier post in Huffington post about using food crops to make biofuels, I started looking at the amount of fuel that could be generated from existing forest materials such as brush wood. There’s a paper on Science direct which gives this as the yield from scrub in Galicia (northern […]

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Chipping into success how pulp mills could become biorefineries.

There’s a useful piece by my friend, Clay Boswell, in this week’s issue of ICIS Chemical Business about the way that paper mills could be chipping into success by becoming, in essence, biorefineries in the future with only modest modifications. (Disclosure: I work for ICIS: About ICIS.)

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